I am a mom who believes in an appropriate time and place for EVERYTHING ... that being said my girlfriends and I enjoy a good cocktail hour every now and then . All of the cocktails featured will have an * sign to let you know if they can be made alcohol free . I think having the drink recipe page will add a little fun and flare to your experience here with us @ MOMMY MADE MEMORIES ! So feel free to post any recipe and or pictures you have of cocktails you love to make or of our cocktails you've made and enjoyed !!!! We'd love to see all of your cocktail hour photos <3 Be sure to share with us all your opnion on our recipes and anyway you've changed them and made them your won !

~alcoholic beverages SHOULD NOT be MADE, CONSUMED, or served by ANYONE under the age of 21 be smart & be safe DRINK RESPONIBLY ~