Friday, September 3, 2010

An ocean vacation with Redbull

I have a friend whos nick name is redbull and yesterday was her birthday , so a group of some of my favorite ladies and i headed out for mid afternoon cocktails . Now Im a sucker for anything fruity or flashy , and yesterday i hit the jackpot ... I had an OCEAN HYPNOTIQ MARTINI w/ a mini glow stick ! These martinis were absolutely amazing but just reading about them wouldnt be much fun . So as my first official GIRLS NITE OUT cocktail recipe , I really hope you and your girlfriends have as much fun with these as we did !!! Bottoms up ladies !

                                                          MYXR 'S MIXOLOGY
                                                            4oz hypnotiq liquer
                                                            2oz malibu rum
                                                            1oz sky vodka
                                                            2oz pineapple juice
                                                            shake in a seperate tumbler with ice ... strain
                                                            garnish with a blue glow stick

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